寺田 尚樹

1994 Graduated from the British Institute of Architects School of Architecture (AA School) Diploma Course
2003 Established Terada Design
2011 Established the product brand "TERADAMOKEI" "15.0%"
2013 Opened the Terada model shop
2014 Interoffice Director
2015 Established office furniture brand “i+”
2017 President of Interoffice, Executive Vice President of Nor Japan
2018 Representative Director and President of interoffice
2021 Retired from Terada Design Reorganized into Terada Hirate Design
President and Representative Director of Interoffice, Member of the Good Design Award Judging Committee

No.1 HousingNo.1 Housing
No.1 Housing Sale price¥1,870
No.2 OfficeNo.2 Office
No.2 Office Sale price¥1,870
No.3 BasicNo.3 Basic
No.3 Basic Sale price¥1,870
No.4 ZooNo.4 Zoo
No.4 Zoo Sale price¥1,870
No.5 TokyoNo.5 Tokyo
No.5 Tokyo Sale price¥1,870
No.6 New YorkNo.6 New York
No.6 New York Sale price¥1,870
No.7 Foot BallNo.7 Foot Ball
No.7 Foot Ball Sale price¥1,870
No.8 ChristmasNo.8 Christmas
No.8 Christmas Sale price¥1,870
No.9 OrchestraNo.9 Orchestra
No.9 Orchestra Sale price¥1,870
No.10 Street TreeNo.10 Street Tree
No.10 Street Tree Sale price¥1,870
No.11 Cherry BlossomNo.11 Cherry Blossom
No.11 Cherry Blossom Sale price¥1,870
No.12 Construction SiteNo.12 Construction Site
No.12 Construction Site Sale price¥1,870
No.13 The Seven Gods of Good FortuneNo.13 The Seven Gods of Good Fortune
No.14 PALEOZOIC・Silurian - Carboniferous Vertabrates, from ocean to landNo.14 PALEOZOIC・Silurian - Carboniferous Vertabrates, from ocean to land
No.15 MESOZOIC Cretaceous Dinosaurs from prosperity to demiseNo.15 MESOZOIC Cretaceous Dinosaurs from prosperity to demise
No.16 CENOZOIC Pleistocene [Ice age] The Mammoth eraNo.16 CENOZOIC Pleistocene [Ice age] The Mammoth era
No.17 Park 1No.17 Park 1
No.17 Park 1 Sale price¥1,870
No.18 Park 2No.18 Park 2
No.18 Park 2 Sale price¥1,870
No.19 AmsterdamNo.19 Amsterdam
No.19 Amsterdam Sale price¥1,870
No.20 Food StallNo.20 Food Stall
No.20 Food Stall Sale price¥1,870
No.21 Men's GymnasticsNo.21 Men's Gymnastics
No.21 Men's Gymnastics Sale price¥1,870
No.22 Women's GymnasticsNo.22 Women's Gymnastics
No.22 Women's Gymnastics Sale price¥1,870
No.23 Competitive SwimmingNo.23 Competitive Swimming
No.23 Competitive Swimming Sale price¥1,870
No.24 Street Tree 2 GinkgoNo.24 Street Tree 2 Ginkgo
No.24 Street Tree 2 Ginkgo Sale price¥1,870
No.25 Open-air CafeNo.25 Open-air Cafe
No.25 Open-air Cafe Sale price¥1,870
No.26 ShepherdNo.26 Shepherd
No.26 Shepherd Sale price¥1,870
No.27 Long Distance Relay RaceNo.27 Long Distance Relay Race
No.28 Tsukiji Fish MarketNo.28 Tsukiji Fish Market
No.28 Tsukiji Fish Market Sale price¥1,870
No.29 Chushingura RaidNo.29 Chushingura Raid
No.29 Chushingura Raid Sale price¥1,870
No.30 Waterside ParkNo.30 Waterside Park
No.30 Waterside Park Sale price¥1,870
No.31 Elementary SchoolNo.31 Elementary School
No.31 Elementary School Sale price¥1,870
No.32 CampNo.32 Camp
No.32 Camp Sale price¥1,870
No.33 WeddingNo.33 Wedding
No.33 Wedding Sale price¥1,870
No.34 BangkokNo.34 Bangkok
No.34 Bangkok Sale price¥1,870
No.35 GraveyardNo.35 Graveyard
No.35 Graveyard Sale price¥1,870
No.36 Grape pickingNo.36 Grape picking
No.36 Grape picking Sale price¥1,870
No.37 Rock StarNo.37 Rock Star
No.37 Rock Star Sale price¥1,870
No.38 BasketballNo.38 Basketball
No.38 Basketball Sale price¥1,870
No.39 Chushingura 2No.39 Chushingura 2
No.39 Chushingura 2 Sale price¥1,870
No.40 Women DiversNo.40 Women Divers
No.40 Women Divers Sale price¥1,870
No.41 Mercury AstronautsNo.41 Mercury Astronauts
No.41 Mercury Astronauts Sale price¥1,870
No.42 MomotaroNo.42 Momotaro
No.42 Momotaro Sale price¥1,870
No.43 Snow WhiteNo.43 Snow White
No.43 Snow White Sale price¥1,870
No.44 Rice plantingNo.44 Rice planting
No.44 Rice planting Sale price¥1,870
No.45 Wedding ReceptionNo.45 Wedding Reception
No.45 Wedding Reception Sale price¥1,870
No.46 SHOHOKU High SchoolNo.46 SHOHOKU High School
No.46 SHOHOKU High School Sale price¥1,870
No.47 RYONAN High SchoolNo.47 RYONAN High School
No.47 RYONAN High School Sale price¥1,870
No.48 SHOYO High SchoolNo.48 SHOYO High School
No.48 SHOYO High School Sale price¥1,870