福津 宣人

Born in Miyagi prefecture in 1969. Living in Tokyo. After working as a video creator, he moved into the realm of a painter, pursuing a unique painting style using various patterns under the theme of "everything is like a pattern". His imaginative approach, including collaboration with architects, has attracted attention at exhibitions held in cities overseas. Recent solo exhibitions include “Landscape Distance” (2018, nani) and “Melting Patterns” (2017, GALLERY AL). Participated in many group exhibitions such as "Sakushima Pilgrimage Exhibition" (2012, Mikawa Sakushima Art Plan 21). In 2016, he supervised the video of the permanent installation by lighting designer Izumi Okayasu at the National Treasure Hall of Kasuga Taisha Shrine.

airvase Ubud by NOBUTO FUKUTSUairvase Ubud by NOBUTO FUKUTSU
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airvase Hyde Park by NOBUTO FUKUTSUairvase Hyde Park by NOBUTO FUKUTSU
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airvase Perpignan by NOBUTO FUKUTSUairvase Perpignan by NOBUTO FUKUTSU