No.29 Chushingura Raid

Sale price¥1,870
color: Light gray

Chushingura Raid, the 29th installment of the pre-cut Architectural Model Series has arrived. Simply detach and assemble.
Retelling of the tale of Chushingura and the forty seven samurai avenging their master's death has become a year-end tradition in Japan. Set includes all forty-seven samurai and antagonist Kozukenosuke Kira. Even the scar on Kira's forehead is recreated in 1/100 scale. Create your own climax to the Chushingura tale.
The simple modeling which omits fine details is highly versatile and accentuates the sense of scale.

No.29 Chushingura Raid
No.29 Chushingura Raid Sale price¥1,870

Forty-seven ronin lead by Kuranosuke Oishi, Kozukenosuke Kira, etc.

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year 2012



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