Package Designer/Package Engineer/Paper Product Designer
Part-time lecturer at Musashino Art University

Born in Tokyo.
Graduated from Musashino Art University. Since 2007, while working for a package manufacturer, he has been creating works centered on paper structural design.
Participated in the activities of Kami no Kosakujo as a result of "Black and White Animals". Produced "Black and White Animal Series" and "Box Vegetable".
In 2015, he participated as a researcher in Fukunaga Shiko's project "Paper Container Research Institute".

Participated in many paper-related projects such as "INK de JET JET JET 2", "Paper Product Prototypes", and "Nishiogi Paper Try".
Designing products using paper, holding workshops using paper, and disseminating information on packages and paper products. We aim to create products that pursue the possibilities of paper from an engineering perspective.

Box VegetableBox Vegetable
Box Vegetable Sale price¥495
Black & White land animalsBlack & White land animals
Black & White land animals Sale price¥1,100
Black & White sea animalsBlack & White sea animals
Black & White sea animals Sale price¥1,100
Black & White Sky CreaturesBlack & White Sky Creatures
Black & White Sky Creatures Sale price¥1,100
Black & White CatsBlack & White Cats
Black & White Cats Sale price¥1,100