Established in 2002, led by graphic designer Nobuhiro Yamaguchi.
A research institute that explores the orderly beauty of traditional origata from a design perspective and incorporates it into modern life. Through various activities, such as holding exhibitions, workshops, holding classes, publishing books, and developing original products in collaboration with handmade Japanese paper craftsmen, he conveys the beauty and spirit of Origata.
Nobuhiro Yamaguchi + Origata Design Institute won the 2018 Mainichi Design Award.
Held an Origata class at the Reiwa Academy Club.

His major publications include "Fold, give. ” Lattles, “Origata Saijiki Folded with Japanese Paper” Heibonsha, “New Envelopment Illustrations” Rattles, “How to Wrap Gifts Conveying the Heart of Japan” Seibundo Shinkosha.
Major exhibitions include Origata Design Institute's New Envelopment Illustrations / Exhibition / Towada Art Center (2009), Exhibition "Katsumi no Kowari" / Creation Gallery G8 (2013), "Forms and Mochi - Every Day of Good Fortune" Exhibition / MUJI ATELIER MUJI GINZA Gallery2 (2020), etc.

Ie Rokkaku - Hexagonal House -Ie Rokkaku - Hexagonal House -
Uchi Rokkaku - inside Hexagonal -Uchi Rokkaku - inside Hexagonal -