AZUMI Tomoko

安積 朋子

Born in 1966 in Hiroshima. After graduated BA Environmental Design at Kyoto City University of Art in 1989, worked in architectural offices in Tokyo, then moved to the UK. In 1995, graduated MA Furniture Design at Royal College of Art, opened a design unit Azumi in London. Since 2005, she is leading TNA Design Studio and active in product, furniture and space design. Her works are in collection of European museums includes V&A in London. She also took part in jury member for Good Design Award in Japan from 2007 to 2012, as well as iF Design Award in Germany in 2021, among with other awards. She loves paper and its texture, also making models out of it - and collects paper diorama includes Japanese Tatebanko, European tunnel books and other paper models, and a member of Ephemera society in the UK. She started her own design of chair-and-room-diorama “One to Sixteen” with Fukunaga Shiko in 2014, following her paper-polyhedra series "The Geometrist”. She held numerous exhibitions and workshops with these paper models, has a mission on “reviving creative hands” through touching paper and making forms.

001 Sussex chair001 Sussex chair
001 Sussex chair Sale price¥1,182
002 Shaker chair002 Shaker chair
002 Shaker chair Sale price¥1,182
003 Butterfly chair003 Butterfly chair
003 Butterfly chair Sale price¥1,182
004 Hill House 1 chair004 Hill House 1 chair
004 Hill House 1 chair Sale price¥1,182
005 Plywood chair005 Plywood chair
005 Plywood chair Sale price¥1,182
006 Mezzadro stool006 Mezzadro stool
006 Mezzadro stool Sale price¥1,182
008 Paimio chair (Armchair 41)008 Paimio chair (Armchair 41)
009 Thonet 14 Chair009 Thonet 14 Chair
009 Thonet 14 Chair Sale price¥1,182
010 Well Tempered chair010 Well Tempered chair
010 Well Tempered chair Sale price¥1,182
011 Ming Dynasty armchair011 Ming Dynasty armchair
011 Ming Dynasty armchair Sale price¥1,182
012 Share Chairs012 Share Chairs
012 Share Chairs Sale price¥1,182