SUPER PAPER MARKET is an official online shop that handles original products planned and produced by Fukunaga Shiko.
Since 2006, we have pursued the possibilities of paper and produced seven projects and more than 300 products from a new perspective.
We will continue to disseminate the appeal and content of paper products that are fresh even over time and continue to be of interest to many people.


Green Springs 2F, 3-1 Midoricho, Tachikawa, Tokyo
TEL 042-519-3025
OPEN 11:00
CLOSE 19:00



Since Fukunaga Shiko was founded in Tachikawa, Tokyo in 1963, we have accumulated many achievements in paper printing processing. Since 2006, we have taken on the challenge of planning, developing, manufacturing, and selling original products by making full use of the technology and design capabilities we have cultivated so far, collaborating with creators in various fields. From now on, we will continue to present paper products that will be handed down to the future without ending as a temporary thing.