minä perhonen


minä perhonen is a fashion textile brand established by designer Akira Minagawa in 1995. The brand has been working on material and technology development in collaboration with domestic and overseas fabric production areas, and has been consistently making clothes and other products using its original textiles since its establishment.
The brand's name "minä" means "I" and "perhonen" means "butterfly." The brand's hope is that the garments produced by the company will transcend and become "my clothes" for the wearer, and that the designs will be as light as the beautiful wings of a butterfly.
The brand logo represents "various personalities (a set of grains) within me (a square). Just as there are countless types of butterflies, the number of designs created by designers continues to increase. Major exhibitions include “minä perhonen / minagawa akira TSUZUKU”.

airvase rosy/soda water by minä perhonenairvase rosy/soda water by minä perhonen
airvase tambourine/anemone by minä perhonenairvase tambourine/anemone by minä perhonen
airvase garden by minä perhonenairvase garden by minä perhonen
airvase party by minä perhonenairvase party by minä perhonen
airvase sky by minä perhonenairvase sky by minä perhonen
airvaes minamo/slow dance by minä perhonenairvaes minamo/slow dance by minä perhonen