No.7 Foot Ball

Sale price¥1,870
color: blue

It's a Foot Ball version, the seventh shot of the Architectural Model series, which you can easily assemble simply by tearing off the precut parts.
Although seemingly departing slightly from an architectural model, a scene of a Foot Ball match packed with realism is included. 1 set includes a whole team. With 2 sets, a real match is possible. The simple modeling, which omits fine details, is also highly versatile and complements the sense of scale. 1/100 scale.

No.7 Foot Ball
No.7 Foot Ball Sale price¥1,870

Eleven players, reserves, director, doctor, chief referee, assistant referee, soccer goal, corner flag, whistle, yellow card, red card, soccer ball, bench, drink bottle, stretcher, a first aid kit, scarf, ball bag, world cup trophy, stray dog and so on.

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