石川 将也

Artist / Film Creator / Graphic Designer / Researcher
Born in 1980.
After finishing master's degree from the Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance, he was a member of "EUPHRATES", a creative group founded by the graduates of Masahiko Sato Laboratory at Keio University from 2006-2019. He worked on films such as a science film series "To the scientists of the future" and contents for the TV-program "Pythagora Switch" and "E-tele 2355/0655". He has become independent in 2020, established "cog", a design studio which create visual communications based on research of cognitive science.
Recent work includes,
"ISSEY CANVAS" "#hellobaobao", promotion film for ISSEY MIYAKE.
"Layers Act" (cooporate work with Shun Abe) a film created for Exhibition“AUDIO ARCHITECTURE”, at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, 2018.
“Layers of Light”, an original installation project.
“Magnetact Animal”, an kinetic toy based on research of magnetic feedback.
"The Squares Makes it Through", instalation (cooporate work with nomena and Hiroaki Nakaji).

Photo: Takahiro Sugishima

Magnet ViewerMagnet Viewer
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Crayons of the SeasCrayons of the Seas
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