No.22 Women's Gymnastics

Sale price¥1,870
color: vermilion

Women's Gymnastics, the 22ndinstallment of the pre-cut Architectural Model Series has arrived. Simply detach and assemble.
The delicate and graceful performances of women's gymnastics have been recreated in 1/100 scale. As with real gymnastics, the secret of this accessory set lies in how you set up your routine. Try your hand at a level G element for top points!
The simple modeling which omits fine details is highly versatile and accentuates the sense of scale.

No.22 Women's Gymnastics
No.22 Women's Gymnastics Sale price¥1,870

Vault, uneven bars, balance beam, spring board, podium, gold / silver / bronze medals, bouquets, laurel wreaths, judges' seats, electric scoreboard, etc.

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