YAMADA Kaichiro

山田 佳一朗

After graduating from Musashino Art University in 1997, after working as an assistant at the same laboratory, he has been presiding over KAICHIDESIGN since 2004. Since 2011, he has operated a flower shop at “Hanano Stop” and since 2017, a rental housing at “Hanajuso -KASUMISO-”. We think together with people who think, create, communicate, and use, and work so that everyone involved can live a lively life.

Main design activities include branding for Istoku, Tegami, Living Talk, Denshiro Kakunodate, and Hikiyose, product design for GEMINI (blocco), KOTORI (ash concept), sake cup Daruma (Ceramic Japan), stalls for COEDO, and EDITORY. interior design etc. Good Design Award (2004/'11/'13/'14/'16/'18/'19), red dot design award (2010 Germany), Design for Asia Award (2012 Hong Kong), Tokyo Business Design Award 2013 Excellence Award , Wood Design Award (2015/'17), etc. A Dream Come True (Milan, 2007), contemporary product design (The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, 2013), etc.

TORINOSU - Bird's nest - Cherry blossom×beigeTORINOSU - Bird's nest - Cherry blossom×beige