Launched in 2011. In 2015, TERADAMOKEI PICTURES was launched. So far, three video works have been released.
This is a collaborative project with architect TERADA Naoki.

No.53 Rice HarvestNo.53 Rice Harvest
No.53 Rice Harvest Sale price¥1,870
No.52 Festival Stalls2No.52 Festival Stalls2
No.52 Festival Stalls2 Sale price¥1,870
No.51 Festival Stalls1No.51 Festival Stalls1
No.51 Festival Stalls1 Sale price¥1,870
No.50 SANNOH High SchoolNo.50 SANNOH High School
No.50 SANNOH High School Sale price¥1,870
No.49 KAINAN High SchoolNo.49 KAINAN High School
No.49 KAINAN High School Sale price¥1,870
No.48 SHOYO High SchoolNo.48 SHOYO High School
No.48 SHOYO High School Sale price¥1,870
No.47 RYONAN High SchoolNo.47 RYONAN High School
No.47 RYONAN High School Sale price¥1,870
No.46 SHOHOKU High SchoolNo.46 SHOHOKU High School
No.46 SHOHOKU High School Sale price¥1,870
No.45 Wedding ReceptionNo.45 Wedding Reception
No.45 Wedding Reception Sale price¥1,870
No.44 Rice plantingNo.44 Rice planting
No.44 Rice planting Sale price¥1,870
No.43 Snow WhiteNo.43 Snow White
No.43 Snow White Sale price¥1,870
No.42 MomotaroNo.42 Momotaro
No.42 Momotaro Sale price¥1,870
No.41 Mercury AstronautsNo.41 Mercury Astronauts
No.41 Mercury Astronauts Sale price¥1,870
No.40 Women DiversNo.40 Women Divers
No.40 Women Divers Sale price¥1,870
No.39 Chushingura 2No.39 Chushingura 2
No.39 Chushingura 2 Sale price¥1,870
No.38 BasketballNo.38 Basketball
No.38 Basketball Sale price¥1,870
No.37 Rock StarNo.37 Rock Star
No.37 Rock Star Sale price¥1,870
No.36 Grape pickingNo.36 Grape picking
No.36 Grape picking Sale price¥1,870
No.35 GraveyardNo.35 Graveyard
No.35 Graveyard Sale price¥1,870
No.34 BangkokNo.34 Bangkok
No.34 Bangkok Sale price¥1,870
No.33 WeddingNo.33 Wedding
No.33 Wedding Sale price¥1,870
No.32 CampNo.32 Camp
No.32 Camp Sale price¥1,870
No.31 Elementary SchoolNo.31 Elementary School
No.31 Elementary School Sale price¥1,870
No.30 Waterside ParkNo.30 Waterside Park
No.30 Waterside Park Sale price¥1,870
No.29 Chushingura RaidNo.29 Chushingura Raid
No.29 Chushingura Raid Sale price¥1,870
No.28 Tsukiji Fish MarketNo.28 Tsukiji Fish Market
No.28 Tsukiji Fish Market Sale price¥1,870
No.27 Long Distance Relay RaceNo.27 Long Distance Relay Race
No.26 ShepherdNo.26 Shepherd
No.26 Shepherd Sale price¥1,870
No.25 Open-air CafeNo.25 Open-air Cafe
No.25 Open-air Cafe Sale price¥1,870
No.24 Street Tree 2 GinkgoNo.24 Street Tree 2 Ginkgo
No.24 Street Tree 2 Ginkgo Sale price¥1,870
No.23 Competitive SwimmingNo.23 Competitive Swimming
No.23 Competitive Swimming Sale price¥1,870
No.22 Women's GymnasticsNo.22 Women's Gymnastics
No.22 Women's Gymnastics Sale price¥1,870
No.21 Men's GymnasticsNo.21 Men's Gymnastics
No.21 Men's Gymnastics Sale price¥1,870
No.20 Food StallNo.20 Food Stall
No.20 Food Stall Sale price¥1,870
No.19 AmsterdamNo.19 Amsterdam
No.19 Amsterdam Sale price¥1,870
No.18 Park 2No.18 Park 2
No.18 Park 2 Sale price¥1,870
No.17 Park 1No.17 Park 1
No.17 Park 1 Sale price¥1,870
No.16 CENOZOIC Pleistocene [Ice age] The Mammoth eraNo.16 CENOZOIC Pleistocene [Ice age] The Mammoth era
No.15 MESOZOIC Cretaceous Dinosaurs from prosperity to demiseNo.15 MESOZOIC Cretaceous Dinosaurs from prosperity to demise
No.14 PALEOZOIC・Silurian - Carboniferous Vertabrates, from ocean to landNo.14 PALEOZOIC・Silurian - Carboniferous Vertabrates, from ocean to land
No.13 The Seven Gods of Good FortuneNo.13 The Seven Gods of Good Fortune
No.12 Construction SiteNo.12 Construction Site
No.12 Construction Site Sale price¥1,870
No.11 Cherry BlossomNo.11 Cherry Blossom
No.11 Cherry Blossom Sale price¥1,870
No.10 Street TreeNo.10 Street Tree
No.10 Street Tree Sale price¥1,870
No.9 OrchestraNo.9 Orchestra
No.9 Orchestra Sale price¥1,870
No.8 ChristmasNo.8 Christmas
No.8 Christmas Sale price¥1,870
No.7 Foot BallNo.7 Foot Ball
No.7 Foot Ball Sale price¥1,870
No.6 New YorkNo.6 New York
No.6 New York Sale price¥1,870