JR Chuo Line Rapid Service 201 Series

Sale price¥2,750

It's the JR 201 series, a special edition of the Architectural Model series. Simply detach and assemble.
Lineup features the muchi loved and but now retired orange Chuo-line 201 series train. Includes miniature seats and hanging hands. Combine with other models to create various scenes such as rush hour trains.
The Chuo-line version includes head plates for the Chuo Special Rapid service, Ome Special service, and Commiter Rapid service.
The simple modeling which omits fine details is highly versatile and accentuates the sense of scale.


JR 201 series leading car, driver, station staff, magic hand to pick up lost items, etc.

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JR Soubu Line Local Service 201 SeriesJR Soubu Line Local Service 201 Series
No.1 HousingNo.1 Housing
No.1 Housing Sale price¥1,870
No.2 OfficeNo.2 Office
No.2 Office Sale price¥1,870
No.3 BasicNo.3 Basic
No.3 Basic Sale price¥1,870
No.83 Basic 2No.83 Basic 2
No.83 Basic 2 Sale price¥1,870