Recommended designs by HAYASHI Takanori 1

When you spend more time indoors, it's natural, but you tend to lack change. Having greens indoors not only allows us to share their growth, but also the changes that occur, including the degree of withering when things go wrong, are exciting and real. This CMY (Shimmy) is a chemical change of paper, ink and water, bringing even more small surprises to our green life. And the pun-like product name is also excellent.

Recommended designs by HAYASHI Takanori 2
"Paper Clock" KOIZUMI Makoto

Time is strange. There are two expressions: when you want it to be accurate to the second, and when you want it to remain ambiguous. Perhaps many modern people who are tied to smartphones and smartwatches may want ambiguous time in private spaces such as living rooms. The strength of the material paper is just right for the feeling that the time it expresses is fluffy.

Recommended designs by HAYASHI Takanori 3
“air vase Message Card Creator Series by TAKAYA Ren ” TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc.

If paper is used as a three-dimensional structure, it will become such an attractive product! That was the impact at the time of their debut. Flexible shape and flexible usage. A masterpiece among masterpieces that faintly defines a small area in our lives with air and paper, and is truly worthy of the product name "air vase." The development of making a flat state into a message card is also very nice.



HAYASHI Takanori

After graduating from university and working for a publishing company with the aim of becoming a journalist, he built an early career as the publisher and editor-in-chief of a magazine that fused sports, lifestyle and design. After that, while involved in corporate advertising as a creative director at an advertising production company, he was in charge of the Japanese edition of the French kids magazine "MilK" for about five years. In 2015, he became independent and established the research and design studio Polar Inc. in Tokyo. Participating in the formulation of business concepts and identities, the production of advertisements and owned media, etc. from the perspective of "contextualization and editing = context maker". In recent years, he has also been active as a founding member of RGB Inc., which deals with future-thinking environmental development centered on "circular development."