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This is a paper bowl that enfolds air. You can freely change its shape to use it as a tray for small objects, decorate a vase, gift wrap a bottle of wine or present it as a piece of modern art. The thin and lightweight paper gives strength and resistance to the bowl. This intriguing bowl will catch your eye as the colors on each side of the paper create a different impression every time you look at it.

airvase YELLOW×BLUE Sale price¥1,600
airvase YELLOW×BLUE Sale price¥1,600

illumination color


193mm in diameter




3 pieces






Design registration No. 1406936



SASAKI Naoyuki

A product that made a big impression at the 2010 "Specialty Shiko" exhibition. A unique idea that creates green with yellow and blue on the front and back. Delicate workmanship that creates an exquisite three-dimensional shape. Outstanding naming that expresses the characteristics of a product that can be used freely. The roots of the "airvase" ecosystem.


I thought Mr. Torafu was a genius when he came up with the airvase. And Fukunaga Shiko's technology that made that ultra-fine die-cutting possible. It quickly became popular, and collaboration products with various artists and companies were born. ).


It was in 2010 that I first encountered airvase. An exhibition was held at Spiral in Aoyama. I remember being deeply moved by the fantastic space where many paper mesh vessels were suspended in such a way that they melted into the air.
Later, when I talked to Mr. Koichi Suzuno of TORAFU ARCHITECTS, who designed the airvase, he said that the color "green" was broken down and yellow and blue were placed on one side. When it is expanded from a two-dimensional state into a vessel, it changes from yellow to blue with just a slight change in angle. There is a moment when the green in the middle disappears while looking into it.
One day, I was standing in the streets of Milan with an air vessel in my hand. With just my slightest movement, this vessel magically changes color and disappears. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by many strangers. Then they reach out and touch each other.
A 0.09 mm wide mesh paper container has almost no function to store things. However, I believe that the "airvase" has the ability to fascinate people and make them feel as light and refreshing as air.

AMANO George

When I first saw the "airvase", it was an item that I could not understand because I had no idea how to use it.
On the other hand, I felt very comfortable with the free molding body.
On the day of the event, I remember wondering whether CIBONE, a lifestyle shop, would handle it.
However, the "airvase" gradually began to sell and became a big hit.
It is no exaggeration to say that the "airvase" is an epoch-making item that brings out new needs in a new product genre.
At first glance, it is an item that does not have practicality, but will satisfy people's sensibilities.

I often brought the "airvase" with me as a perfect souvenir on overseas business trips.
This item, which turns a piece of paper into a phantasmagoric three-dimensional object, was a surprise and the pride of Japan's meticulous technology.


TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc.'s work is chock-full of memories.
Especially in April 2011, it was exhibited at Canon "NEOREAL WONDER" held at Super Studio in Milan.

KAMITANI Suritarou

In my head, I know that green is made by mixing yellow and blue, but when I look at the container, which changes color depending on the angle from which it is viewed, it becomes a simple way of looking Am I the only one who finds this strange?


You can enjoy the wonder and beauty of turning a flat piece into a three-dimensional piece, the splendor of technology, and various ways to use it, not just as a container. It is also recommended as a souvenir for customers from overseas or when going abroad, according to the taste of the person to whom you want to give it.


I will never forget the shock I felt when I saw the airvase for the first time. I still can't get rid of the feeling that I was wrong when I saw that epoch-making use! A paper vessel that stands on its own by making countless cuts in the paper and unfolding it is truly the culmination of the technology of a paper factory! A paper container that changes freely from a single sheet of paper makes your heart tremble when you look at it. I've followed KAMI NO KOSAKUJO for many years, and while I'm amazed by their creative power at events and POPUPs, I hope to one day catch up! ! ! As the brand name suggests, it is a great brand that processes crafts using paper with designs and ideas and sends them to the world, so no matter how much time passes, I will not be able to catch up at all, but I would like to keep chasing it.


"airvase" where you can enjoy the process of molding from a single sheet of paper and enjoy the unique texture. The beauty of colors and the softness of materials harmonize with various spaces.

HAYASHI Nobuyuki

It's too standard, and other people will pick it up, so I thought I'd stop picking it up. However, when discussing Fukunaga Print's products, the "air vase" cannot be left out. I had seen many Fukunaga Print products, including TERADAMOKEI, before "air vase". However, it was the "air vase" that I was consciously facing for the first time as a product of the company.
2010, when the product was born, was the year the iPad was born, and he traveled around the country giving lectures at a pace of about once every three days, so he didn't have many opportunities to learn about the product. The following year, in 2011, I was surprised to learn that the "air vase" had just been bought when I participated in "air vase" workshop hosted by TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc. , which had developed it. As the workshop progressed, I learned that if the front and back were different colors and patterns, it would show various expressions depending on how it was opened (stretched). I was impressed that such a simple structure could create something so expressive. You can stand it up like a basket, or you can wrap a wine bottle and tie it with a string to wrap it.
Since then, every time a new variation has appeared, I'm excited to see what it will look like when opened.
Another reason why I like "air vase" is that this product makes me proud of Japanese products. "air vase" has become one of my favorite museum shops and select shop staples even outside of Japan. Whether you go to MoMA in New York or to Rossana Orlandi, a very unique select shop in Milan, it has a special presence. this product tells me that it is not just traditional crafts, and encourages me.


My favorite is the "air vase".
It is a delicate and beautiful product that shines with Fukunaga Print's fine die-cutting technology.
The product is also wonderful, but I think the naming is the best.
air vessel. A vessel for air. A vessel that cannot be used for anything other than air.
An airy vessel that doesn't seem to have a function, doesn't seem to have a statement.
The form and communication are perfectly matched, and it is not an art
I think it exists in a beautiful balance as a product design.


airvase PINK×BEIGEairvase PINK×BEIGE
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airvase 120 COLORS No.62 Yellow airvase 120 COLORS No.62 Yellow
Airvase 120 COLORS No.55 Dark Asagi Airvase 120 COLORS No.55 Dark Asagi
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