Recommended designs by YAMAMOTO Masumi 1
“airvase Yellow x Blue” TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc.

It was in 2010 that I first encountered airvase. An exhibition was held at Spiral in Aoyama. I remember being deeply moved by the fantastic space where many paper mesh vessels were suspended in such a way that they melted into the air.
Later, when I talked to Mr. Koichi Suzuno of TORAFU ARCHITECTS, who designed the airvase, he said that the color "green" was broken down and yellow and blue were placed on one side. When it is expanded from a two-dimensional state into a vessel, it changes from yellow to blue with just a slight change in angle. There is a moment when the green in the middle disappears while looking into it.
One day, I was standing in the streets of Milan with an air vase in my hand. With just my slightest movement, this vessel magically changes color and disappears. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by many strangers. Then they reach out and touch each other.
A 0.9 mm wide mesh paper container has almost no function to store things. However, I believe that the "airvase" has the ability to fascinate people and make them feel as light and refreshing as air.

Recommended designs by YAMAMOTO Masumi 2
"948" TATSUNO Shizuka

As the product name suggests, when you crumple it, you'll realize that paper has a surprising amount of tension. But "948" stands softly while holding air.
Designer Shizuka Tatsuno's work reminds us of the word "transparency". I think this is because, of course, works made of transparent materials such as glass and candy, but even wood and paper bring out the brilliance that radiates from the material and the creator's inner self.
"948" made of paper also has a natural transparency.




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