airvase Hyde Park by NOBUTO FUKUTSU

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Flowers in Hyde Park, seen during a stay in London, England.

This is a paper bowl that envelopes air. It is possible to create various shapes by pulling it in different directions. The paper is thin and light, but when expanded it is rigid and strong enough to stand alone.

Enjoy unique works painted in the distinctive style of artist Nobuto Fukutsu, in 3D.This series of scenes from around the world is made with abstract patterns created by dripping oil paints on canvas.

Nobuto Fukutsu

Main body paper

Mr.B Super White

body size

193mm in diameter

package size



1 sheet

Target age

Number of players

required time


Tatsumi Yosuke healthy

production year



Design registration No. 1406936



Maruyama Yukinobu

When I was looking for a souvenir with a Japanese design for a colleague in London who was also working at a local subsidiary of a Japanese company, I chose a gold-encrusted paper vessel that exudes the dignity of a craft. And now, I am strongly fascinated by this pottery with the motif of the scenery of Hyde Park.