Recommended designs by MARUHASHI Hirohumi 1
"Crayons of the Mountain"IINODA Hokori & TAKAYAMA Yuria

Symbolic numbers on a box with a matte white background, various colors that can be seen through a small window, and a simple package that says "Crayons of the Mountain." When I opened the box, I realized that it was the color of mountains all over the world. However, there are only mountains that seem to know but do not know. Why is this mountain this color? Perhaps because the entry point is not the "head" such as geology and history, but the "color" that can be felt physically, adults and children were able to enjoy it together with a child's pure eyes.

Recommended designs by MARUHASHI Hirohumi 2
"Star Filled Envelope" TSUKADA Moe

During the day when the sun was shining brightly, when I opened "Star Filled Envelope" and looked into it, there were shining stars spread out inside.

When I live in Tokyo, I find myself walking around looking down at the night sky instead of looking up at the stars because I can't see the stars.

I was reminded of the stars at night, and it made me wonder where I should go on a trip next time.




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