Crayons of the Mountain

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A crayon made from the color of the earth reflected in a satellite photograph taken from space. Colors were extracted from 12 real "mountains" around the world. We want to convey the richness of the “colors” of the earth to as many children as possible. The crayons produced by the Satellite Crayon Project have such thoughts.

The colors of mountains change from moment to moment depending on their history and the seasons. In order to express the changing colors, each crayon has a number representing the month from which the color was extracted. For example, the number of the crayon extracted from the Shirakami Mountains, which changes color over an area of ​​about 1,300 square kilometers in summer, autumn, and winter, is number 11. It indicates that the satellite image was taken in November, when autumn is also deep.

This product puts the "safety" of small children first, so that it is safe to put it in your mouth, including beeswax, animal and vegetable oils, and pigments that comply with the European Toy Safety Plan (EN71 Part3 2013). We use carefully selected natural materials. If you read the QR code on the back of the inner lid of the package, you will be connected to a website where you can learn a little about the reason for the color of the mountain, the location, the mysteries of the earth, and environmental issues. There is also an audio commentary so that even small children who cannot read can hear it. (Audio Commentary: Hamada Gaku)

About mountain crayons
The mountain crayons follow the earth color crayons series "Sea Crayons" of the " Satellite Crayon Project" , a project that utilizes satellite images, as an activity by SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation to help people learn more about and love the earth. It was produced as the second edition. Fukunaga Shiko is in charge of packaging manufacturing and sales agency.

SKY Perfect JSAT (Satellite Crayon Project)
We are a company that engages in two businesses: the broadcasting and distribution business, including the SKY PerfecTV! service, and the space business, which builds satellite communication networks. We launched a small project called Satellite Crayon Project with the theme of knowing the "color" of the earth, playing with the "color" of the earth, and becoming more "like" the earth. First of all, being interested in the earth is the “first SDGs” for children. In the future, we will continue to propose products that stimulate children's curiosity and expand their world a little, using space as an opportunity.

*A portion of the sales of these crayons will be donated to the Republic of Kiribati, which is facing the crisis of sea level rise, and will be used as a natural disaster fund to deal with damage caused by climate change.
Crayons of the Mountain
Crayons of the Mountain Sale price¥2,420
Main body paper

Beeswax (40% of raw materials), carnauba wax, edible oil, pigment, fish oil, vitamins

body size



All 12 colors included

production year



Design: Kotonoda Chi, Takayama Yuria
Planning and sales: SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
Satellite image courtesy of Planet Labs, Inc.
Crayon manufacturing: Toichi Stationery Co., Ltd.
Package design and manufacturing: Fukunaga Shiko Co., Ltd.


Maruhashi Hiroshi

Symbolic numbers on a box with a matte white background, various colors that can be seen through a small window, and a simple package that says "Mountain Crayons." When I opened the box, I realized that it was the color of mountains all over the world. However, there are only mountains that seem to know but do not know. Why is this mountain this color? Perhaps because the entry point is not the "head" such as geology and history, but the "color" that can be felt physically, adults and children were able to enjoy it together with a child's pure eyes.

Yajima Shinji

What do you think has been the most visually influential visual since the dawn of mankind?
I have always thought that it was the moment when I saw the photograph of "Earth".
The first color image of Earth was taken in 1967. That's right, just 56 years ago.
The photograph taken by an American satellite was featured on the cover of the "Whole Earth Catalog" the following year.
The beautiful appearance of the earth seen from space has a strong impact on the brain, and it can be said that humankind has evolved.
For example, the hippie movement is flourishing, environmental problems have surfaced, and national borders have become meaningless. . .
I feel that the fact that Steve Jobs used images of the Earth in the desktop pictures of Macs and iPhones is an evangelism.

"Sea Crayons" and "Mountain Crayons" are inspired by this beautiful earth. The event was planned by SKY Perfect JSAT. SKY PerfecTV is known for satellite broadcasting, but in fact, the person in charge at a space business company thought, "I want more people to know about the earth, which is full of such beautiful colors." .
The latitude and longitude of the place where the color was extracted is written instead of the color name.
Aren't you excited just thinking about what kind of picture you will draw with these wonderful crayons with a story?