Star Filled Envelope

Sale price¥1,120

A small star for someone special.
With the advance of civilization, these tiny lights in the night sky have become harder to see in bright cities.
However the heavens still light up in areas away from artificial light.
Send a sky full of stars to someone who has little chance to see them.
Give a small gift of soothing nature.


Star Filled Envelope
Star Filled Envelope Sale price¥1,120
Star Filled Envelope
Star Filled Envelope Sale price¥1,120
Main body paper

Outer: GL Tracing / Inner: Bianconero

body size


package size


1 sheet
*It can be mailed with a 120-yen stamp as non-standard-sized mail.

Target age

Number of players

required time

production year



*Please note this product contains 1 piece of envelope.
"Paper Card Design Competition 2015" Excellence Award



Maruhashi Hirohumi

During the day when the sun was shining brightly, when I opened the starry sky envelope and looked into it, there were shining stars spread out inside.
When I live in Tokyo, I find myself walking around looking down at the night sky instead of looking up at the stars because I can't see the stars.
I was reminded of the stars at night, and it made me wonder where I should go on a trip next time.