Wind Jelly Fish HIRAHIRA

Sale price¥1,650

No doubt many people have felt a sensation of calm from watching jellyfish float effortlessly in the tide.
HIRAHIRA. The names conjure images of soft jelly creatures fluttering gently. With no assembly required, you can enjoy the sensation of floating as you watch them sway in the breeze straight out of the box. Find the perfect spot in your room for these wind jellyfish.

Wind Jelly Fish HIRAHIRA
Wind Jelly Fish HIRAHIRA Sale price¥1,650
Wind Jelly Fish HIRAHIRA
Wind Jelly Fish HIRAHIRA Sale price¥1,650
Main body paper

NT pile

body size

Umbrella diameter Φ150mm, total length 180mm

package size



1 sheet *With string (hanging string)

Target age

Number of players

required time



production year





Kasai Naoko

Ever since I was little, I have loved jellyfish. When you walk in front of a jellyfish tank at an aquarium, you feel like you are a jellyfish, floating in the cool universe (not in the ocean for some reason). . Forget about the time, the hustle and bustle of the day, and all about work, and immerse yourself in a tranquil and mysterious world. That's who I am, so when I first saw "Fukaigetsu", I was captivated by its transience, floating feeling, and beauty. Fluffy, fluttering, swaying... Can you express so much on paper! Not only was I surprised, but I was also moved by the fact that I could experience the sensation of being transported to distant space without going to a special place such as an aquarium. For a long time, I had dreamed of keeping jellyfish at home, but I gave up on it, but this paper jellyfish is no problem. A longtime dream has come true.

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