Paper Leaf Ginkgo

Sale price¥660

Leaf template taken from a ginkgo tree in the grounds of the University of Tokyo.
Enjoy finding new ways to use this paper leaf, a fusion of paper and leaves.

Paper Leaf Ginkgo
Paper Leaf Ginkgo Sale price¥660
Paper Leaf Ginkgo
Paper Leaf Ginkgo Sale price¥660
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Ueda Motoharu

The veins of the leaf and the way it bends are strangely realistic. It is also romantic that what was originally a plant was reborn as white leaves.
You can put them in a box like dead leaves and put them on the table, but they are not dead leaves. I can make use of it by writing it here.
But it's kind of wasteful, and I can't use it as a memo. I think it's a waste if you don't use this leaf too. Feelings go round and round.

Nagayama Tomomi

A product full of fantasy by my favorite artist, Yasuhiro Suzuki.
When I write a little message to someone and give it to them, I want to write it on this leaf with beautiful green ink.