GIFT BOX(SPM version)

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The SPM version of the gift box, created through the Unit Box initiative, a collaboration between UNBOX, a project to develop "new boxes," and Fine Flute, a packaging material, is now available with the SPM logo foil-stamped on it.

TAKEO Co., Ltd.
TAKEO Co., Ltd. is a specialized paper trading company.
Since its foundation in 1899, it has contributed to the expansion of the market for paper by developing and making available a range of fine paper-high grade special printing paper that incorporates elements such as color, texture, pattern, and a refined sense of materials. Working in collaboration with paper manufacturers around the world and adopting state of the art technology, TAKEO produces paper that stimulates the creativity of top designers.

Fukunaga Shiko is proud of its "UNBOX" consulting team of paper structure design experts.
UNBOX is a consulting team of paper structure design experts.
In addition to custom-made packages, we also offer a wide range of services.
We are developing a unique structure that combines "functionality" and "beauty.
We are developing original structures that combine "functionality" and "beauty" in parallel with custom-made packages.

GIFT BOX(SPM version)
GIFT BOX(SPM version) Sale priceFrom ¥550

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