flower pit

Sale price¥1,600

"Flower Pit" is a card game that uses tricks of holes. Three types of holes were made in the card using punching technology. If you stack the cards well, a colorful flower will appear. In your turn, just choose a "seed card" or "flower card" and place it in a common place. You can get points by either ``connecting the color of the square'' or ``complete the flower''. A simple yet challenging puzzle game.

flower pit
flower pit Sale price¥1,600
flower pit
flower pit Sale price¥1,600

・12 seed cards
・12 flower cards
・ 1 base card
・2 each of 4 player markers
・4 lucky cards
・3 score cards
・1 color guide
・1 manual

Target age

From 6 years old

Number of players

2-4 people

required time

15-20 minutes


production year