airvase Message Card Creator Series by TAKORA Kimiyoshi Futori

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style: carrier dog scottish terrier

Write a message on the airvase.

Try a new form of communication, sending messages written on an airvase.
A range of distinctive creators have come up with original designs to decorate airvases in an initiative that explores the potential of communication.
Each airvase heralds the beginning of a new story.

Add a simple message of appreciation or congratulation to the airvase,
enclose in the envelope provided and drop it in the post with a stamp attached.
An effortless way to convey your feelings of gratitude or celebration.

Main body paper

aerus super white

body size

193mm in diameter

package size



1 air vase, 1 envelope, 1 instruction manual

Target age

Number of players

required time


Tatsumi Yosuke healthy

production year



Design registration No. 1406936




At the "SUPER PAPER MARKET" store, my child chose at the SPM shop.

I used to think that vessels were for holding water, displaying flowers, or just decorating a room in a static way. I had always thought that vessels themselves were meant to decorate a room statically, as interior decorations.

However, "air vessels" do not have a specific role, nor are they static. Its shape and color change dynamically, and it has an unconventional freedom.

My children and I love the appearance of the "air vessels" in combination with Mr. Taikora's relaxed designs.