1/100 Momotaro

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'1/100 Momotaro' is a picture book being released by Terada Mokei Books to accompany the 1/100 Scale Architectural Model Series set.
Stories are based on fairy tales and folk stories but have been given an original Terada Mokei twist. Recreate scenes from the book with the associated Architectural Model Series set.

Excerpt from afterword:
When I was a child, I would often pretend to read picture books to my little sisters, making up the stories as I went along, but they were always met with disapproval.
I still make up stories now as I pretend to read to my four years old daughter, and they are as unpopular as ever.
I get bored of reading the same old stories as they were written, so I change them on the spot. Apparently kids can't bear this.
This Terada Mokei picture book features children's stories that we all know, with a few small changes. Read them to children, and you too will be able to share in the bitter experiences I had with my sisters and daughter.
If you disapprove of these stories, then you too are still a child. Good for you! (Naoki Terada)

1/100 Momotaro
1/100 Momotaro Sale price¥1,650

24-page book in color

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Language: Japanese-English bilingual notation


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