Recommended designs by MARUYAMA Yukinobu 1
airvase "Hyde Park by Nobuto Fukutsu” “Kumapon(g) by Asao Tokolo” TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc.

When I was looking for a souvenir with a Japanese design for a colleague in London who was also working at a local subsidiary of a Japanese company, I chose a gold-encrusted paper vessel that exudes the dignity of a craft. And now, I am strongly fascinated by this pottery with the motif of the scenery of Hyde Park.

Recommended designs by MARUYAMA Yukinobu 2
"1/700 Architectural Model Accessory Set Mobile Suit Gundam G03" TERADA Naoki

When boys who like Gundam grow up, they become more cautious about professing their prejudice. When I went on a business trip with someone in a certain important position at the bar after the party, I was happy to hear that I also liked them. Seeing him talk about episodes like that, I was able to open up to him more than ever before. After touching its lively expression, I bought it thinking that I would definitely give it to him the next time we met, and I have this on hand. I want you to restore that expression by secretly hiding it in the crevices of your office bookshelves and gently pulling it out when you're tired of doing business. "Gunpla for adults" that expands the imagination because it is not made. This is a gift that expands your imagination even before you hand it over.

Recommended designs by MARUYAMA Yukinobu 3
"Orimizuhiki" Gaku Otomo

Ori-mizuhiki, musubi-kiri Gifts for celebratory occasions such as weddings need to have a sense and thoughtfulness that makes them stand out in splendor. This modest and witty gift envelope is perfect for such occasions. After more than a year, when the person I sent the gift to told me, "I still have that gift envelope," I couldn't help but smile.




Professor, Musashino Art University / Head of Design, Hitachi Ltd.

In the Research & Development Division, Hitachi America, Ltd., he is in charge of the overall training of design professionals and research strategies, from products to services and visions. He also teaches at Musashino Art University's Department of Creative Innovation, which aims to nurture human resources with the flexibility and conceptual ability to create new value. He has been collaborating with Fukunaga Print since the early development of the Business Origami service toolkit.