Recommended designs by INOKUMA Toshihiro 1
"TERADA MOKEI No.85 Wheelchair Basketball" by TERADA Naoki

1/100 architectural model accessories series
It's all very real
Perfect for small interiors. The way the scenes are cut and the characters appearing are about to start moving, and even if you keep looking at them
You will never get bored. Recommended for people with dexterous hands?

Recommended designs by INOKUMA Toshihiro 2
"airvase White" TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc.

"airvase" is, as the name suggests, a paper vessel that floats lightly in the air. Since it is a vessel, I think that it is mainly placed and lifted up and used as a vessel, but on the contrary, I tried hanging it from the ceiling. It reacts to the flow of air as if lightly swaying in the air. It may be said that it is a vessel that dances in the air like air.



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