Recommended designs by UEDA Motoharu 1
"TOP TO TAIL Polar Bear & Penguin" WADA Yasuyuki

Oh, I'm alive I thought.

It reminded me of arts and crafts time in elementary school. When I was doing paper crafts, my teacher told me that if you creased the paper hard and folded it, it would die, but if you rolled it up, it would live like a spring. .

The back of a polar bear, the belly of a penguin, and their roundness. The feeling that it seems to start moving at any moment is because the life force of paper resides.

With this hand, I feel like I can touch that kind of life.

Recommended designs by UEDA Motoharu 2
"948" TATSUNO Shizuka

The cushion paper used to fill in the gaps between the products sold at stores and the packaging used to wrap them was called ``mokey moke''. I don't know what it's really called.

What if that "Moke Moke" became something wonderful with delicate cuts and colors.

It's a simple paper, so it might have been used for cushions. It's just beautiful paper that's so beautiful that it's completely lost its meaning. Please crumple it up and enjoy it.

A luxurious paper gem that is only used for admiring.

Recommended designs by UEDA Motoharu 3

The veins of the leaf and the way it bends are strangely realistic. It is also romantic that what was originally a plant was reborn as white leaves.

You can put them in a box like dead leaves and put them on the table, but they are not dead leaves. I can make use of it by writing it here.

But it's kind of wasteful, and I can't use it as a memo. I think it's a waste if you don't use this leaf too. Feelings go round and round.



UEDA Motoharu

I came across Fukunaga Print's products while I was doing planning and store management for TSUTAYA BOOKS. Currently, I am doing a business that delivers art, mainly in the publishing business. I want to spread the appeal of paper.