Recommended designs by TACHIKAWA Yudai

Because of my profession, I am always looking for Japan around me, so Teradamokei was a big hit.
Bonsai, tea room, Pokemon, haiku, instant noodles, Issunboshi, capsule toys, usuhari, etc.
Teradamokei is the epitome of shrinking culture.
I also like the fact that the toilet is fully occupied when you have a stomachache.




Traditional technology director
Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1965. Launched the custom-made traditional craft project “ubushina” and established a style of tailoring traditional Japanese techniques to cutting-edge interiors. We have been tailoring furniture, lighting fixtures, art objects, etc. according to the space as one-of-a-kind items. An individual group that has worked hard with craftsmen from all over Japan such as "Tokyo Sky Tree", "Palace Hotel Tokyo", and "Isetan Shinjuku Store" for many years to work together on the manufacturing site, and to make innovative attempts in the world of traditional crafts in 2016. Awarded the Mitsui Golden Takumi Award. Taking over that track record, in 2023, from haute couture to ready-to-wear. Released "AMUAMI", a product brand that collects the best of Japanese craftsmanship. Delivering the work of Japanese craftsmen to the world while harmonizing with the local community and environment.