Recommended designs by FUJIMOTO Misako
"TERADAMOKEI No.86 Easter Island"TERADA Naoki

I'm not bragging at all, but my hands are clumsy.
Just seeing Teradamokei products lined up in front of me makes me feel dizzy that there are people in the world who can do such fine things.

Even so, I couldn't control my admiration for people who were good with their hands, so I reached out my hand to take on the challenge.
If you're going to make it, I want to make it properly! With that in mind, the first thing I reached out for was "1/100 Architectural Model Accessory Set No.86 Easter Island".

Everyone's longing, Easter Island in the distance.
Someday I want to take Teradamokei with me and go play with it.




Based in Tokyo, he runs inu LLC, which supports domestic and international furniture manufacturers, designers, and architects by utilizing his extensive network and excellent communication skills. Along with the client, we collaborate with team members with various backgrounds to analyze, plan, draft, PM, coordinate, and explore the possibilities of design from a business perspective.