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"Function Specimen" YAMANAKA Shunji

As a child, I loved specimens. I was fascinated by the mystical world of specimens filled with diverse individuality in small square boxes, such as mineral specimens, seashells, and insect specimens. was When I picked up Shunji Yamanaka's "Function Specimen" that I met at Hiradai in the Design Collection Corner, I remembered how important it was that I loved specimens.

Mr. Shunji Yamanaka's "Function Specimen" gives us various realizations. By visualizing the order of physics, we realize that "laws are beautiful," and by the precise finishing of specimens, we feel that "technology is beautiful." A good designer can increase the motivation of the technicians who partner with him, but considering the difficulty of this specimen, you can see the relationship of trust with the makers. Various imaginations spring up from a small existence of less than 10 centimeters square. The existence of "Function Specimen" is great.

We believe that design is predicated on function. And there is purpose before function, and design is developed with a sense of purpose. The “calendar” is designed to recognize the days and days of the week, and the “pot” is designed as a cooking utensil. Then, when we think about the functions, purposes, and significance of existence of "Function Specimen," we can visually and quantitatively recognize the laws of mathematical formulas, so that even people who cannot imagine mathematical formulas can feel the beauty of mathematical formulas. Understanding and interest in physics and mathematics will advance. It has the function of feeling, and the purpose is to appeal to the sensibility.

Lack of imagination impoverishes and weakens society. I think it would be good if there was a "Function Specimen" for emotional education.

*This text is from the 782nd Design Gallery 1953 Special Exhibition “My Favorite Design 2023” sponsored by the Japan Design Committee, and is published with the consent of the person herself.




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